The NPA’s Mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe likes to tell voters that he wants "to do something about something he can do something about." So far, however, that something hasn’t included providing any specifics on his policy proposals.

In the past three months, LaPointe has only made 10 announcements to the media on various policy proposals, and so far he has been either unable or unwilling to offer any specifics as to just what his proposals mean, or what they will cost.

“For someone who claims that transparency is his number one concern, Mr. LaPointe continues to hide the details of his plans, if he even has any,” says Vision Vancouver Councillor Raymond Louie.

“He didn’t offer the specifics of any NPA policy proposals.” - CTV Vancouver – July 14, 2014

"Mr. LaPointe didn’t provide a lot of details." - Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail - July 14, 2014

“LaPointe says he couldn’t give specifics about the party platform until it was formally announced.” - The Province – Jul 15, 2014

“LaPointe was short on details.” - Jeff Lee, Vancouver Sun – Jul 15, 2014

“The party has yet to roll out specifics of its platform.” - Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier – July 21, 2014

“Kirk LaPointe is light on specifics so far.” - The Tyee – Aug 1, 2014

“But people want to hear specifics from you … you do tend to speak in generalities, if you’ll forgive me.” - Stephen Quinn, CBC – Sept 17, 2014

“The NPA has yet to roll out its platform or give specifics on what a breakfast program or programs devoted to children would look like.” - Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier - Sept 24, 2014

“He didn’t provide specifics.” - Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier – Oct 2, 2014

“Rather than offering specific promises, LaPointe said he is laying down principles.” - Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun – Oct 9, 2014

"LaPointe’s election platform contained only broad promises with no numbers." - Jeff Lee, Vancouver Sun - October 14, 2014

"His proposal for counterflow lanes lacks details." - Emily Jackson, Metro News - October 22, 2014

With just 22 days left in the municipal campaign, voters deserve to know exactly what the NPA will do, and how much it will cost. What is Mr. LaPointe and the NPA hiding?

Stefan Avlijas


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