Yesterday, the NPA's Mr. LaPointe published a blog post detailing a tour of the Downtown Eastside, and outlined his proposals for the neighbourhood. His positions on the neighbourhood and housing show what's at risk in this election, and the clear choice between Vision Vancouver and the NPA.

1. Mr LaPointe says: “Whether with the help of a DTES czar or a bi-partisan group, we need a new dialogue."

Fact: The City just completed a two year community planning process for the Downtown Eastside, which included a resident-led neighbourhood committee and more than 335 meetings and events. Mr. LaPointe did not attend a single meeting.

2. Mr. LaPointe says: “This is also an opportunity for our community to discuss proactive, preventative measures: feeding our children"

Fact: The NPA voted against the Greenest City Fund, which invested $2 million over four years into neighbourhood-level programs, including food security for children.

3. Mr. LaPointe says: On social housing, Vision "has not initiated any on its own."

Fact: In 2013 alone, Vision approved seven new projects with a combined 273 units of social housing. The NPA voted against more than 500 units of social housing since 2012.

4. Mr. LaPointe says: "The City’s role in this is complicated, but its principal short-term objectives should be residential safety and the integrity of the buildings."

Fact: The NPA refused to take landlords to court for failing to repair their buildings. Under Vision, the City now takes slumlords to court to require them to fix their buildings and increased the level of fines.

Stefan Avlijas


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