With the release of the NPA's housing platform, Vancouver voters have a clear choice in November's election. On November 15th, voters have a clear choice between a Vision Vancouver council that is committed to building new affordable housing, or an out-of-touch NPA who have no plan to address Vancouver's affordability challenges.

"The NPA's approach on housing represents the same tired, out-of-touch policies that failed before and will do nothing to help people in Vancouver," said Vision Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs. "The NPA's belief that we should let 'the market' decide what housing gets built in Vancouver will only drag our city backwards. It's not a surprise this is coming from the same party that has voted 25 times against measures to address affordable housing and homelessness."

Key facts on the NPA's affordable housing platform:

    No mention of rental housing
  • Zero targets for new housing units
  • Nothing on social or supportive housing
  • No mention of laneway housing, co-ops, secondary suites or co-housing

In contrast to the NPA, Vision has outlined its Affordability Agenda, detailing a commitment to 4,000 new rental units over four years, as well as targeting 35% of housing in new developments for families. Vision has also championed the new Vancouver Affordable Housing agency, which will use city-owned land to build new modest income housing for people who live and work in Vancouver.

The NPA's housing platform reflects their voting record over the past three years, which saw repeated votes against new housing. These include:

  • Opposing more than 900 units of new rental housing
  • Opposing more than 500 units of new social housing
  • Opposing the new Affordable Housing Agency
  • Voting against Vancouver’s first co-housing project
  • Opposed expanding family housing requirements
  • Opposed identifying city-owned lands to use for affordable housing
Stefan Avlijas


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