Today the Vision Vancouver executive has announced the addition of Catherine Evans and Brent Granby as two new candidates for Park Board, further strengthening the experience and leadership of the Vision team of candidates in this November’s election.

“Catherine Evans and Brent Granby are an important addition to the strong, forward-looking, and experienced team working with Vision Vancouver to keep moving Vancouver forward,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson.

The two candidates join Commissioner Trevor Loke, Coree Tull, Sammie Jo Rumbaua, and Naveen Girn as the Vision team for Vancouver Park Board.

“Voters have a clear choice in this election between Vision Vancouver’s positive plan for Greenest City action and building the Broadway subway, or the risks of letting the out-of-touch NPA drag Vancouver backwards," said Vision Park Board Commissioner Trevor Loke. “Catherine and Brent offer an inspiring record of leadership and service to the community, and together they represent two more excellent reasons to go forward with Vision.”

Catherine Evans is a former Chairperson of Vancouver Library Board, with a background as a lawyer, policy advisor, and community advocate on issues such as homelessness, strong community services, public education, and women’s representation in politics. She is a former PAC Chair at Point Grey Secondary School, a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for Community Service, and lives with her husband in Kitsilano.

Brent Granby has a long track record as a community organizer and advocate, especially on issues such as active transportation, sustainability, and strong community centre programs. He is a former President of the West End Residents Association, a director with the West End Community Centre Association, ran as a COPE candidate for Park Board in 2011, and served as Chair of COPE’s Park Board Caucus before he joined Vision Vancouver last year. Brent, his wife, and his two daughters are longtime residents of Vancouver’s vibrant West End neighbourhood.

To learn more about the rest of the Vision Vancouver team, click here.

Stefan Avlijas


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