The NPA and Kirk LaPointe’s policies will put Vancouver’s environment and greenest city progress at risk, says Mayor Gregor Robertson.

“Vancouver voters need to be aware of the threat that Kirk LaPointe and the NPA pose to our city’s environment,” said the Mayor, who was joined by the former Chair of the Vancouver Green Party Ben West and Vision Vancouver Councillor Andrea Reimer this morning.

Despite the fact that public opinion in Vancouver has consistently been overwhelmingly opposed to Kinder Morgan’s plans to put 340 more oil tankers a year through Vancouver, Mr. LaPointe and the NPA are willing to support the project.

“Mr. LaPointe walks away from the tough questions, and he won’t stand up for the people of Vancouver,” said Mayor Robertson.

“An economic analysis released just this morning shows that Kinder Morgan is vastly exaggerating the potential jobs created by their dangerous proposal and also underestimating the costs of a spill,” said West. “Voters should ask why Kirk LaPointe and the NPA are willing to put our environment and our economy at risk by not standing up against this plan.”

Reimer pointed out that the NPA and LaPointe really have no plan on the environment at all. “Kirk LaPointe’s platform, released after voting already began, has zero commitments on climate change. His NPA council candidate George Affleck has called the Greenest City plan “a waste.” That’s not leadership.”

“Kirk LaPointe doesn’t live, work, or pay taxes in Vancouver, but his policies would hurt the people who do,” concluded Mayor Robertson. “He has shown no interest in anything resembling an environmental agenda, and would rely on the flawed NEB process to decide on Kinder Morgan. When it comes to the environment, LaPointe and the NPA have shown they are not worth the risk.”

Stefan Avlijas


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