“Ian will provide the vision and guidance to protect this place for future generations.”

Dr. David Suzuki, scientist, broadcaster, author, and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation is endorsing Vision Vancouver’s Chief Ian Campbell for Mayor.

“As the dominant species on the planet, human beings are now demanding too much from Mother Earth and are undermining the very things that keep us alive and healthy – the air, water, soil, and diversity of living things and their ecosystems. Society’s drive to maximize growth and profit while ignoring or downplaying ecological consequences is destructive and unsustainable. Cities have become humanity’s primary habitat and they are where the social and environmental challenges facing us have to be met.

Dr. David Suzuki

“Vancouver is a very special place on the planet.  There are few places with such rich abundance of forests, wildlife, oceans and mountains.  But decades of explosive growth and development have destroyed many of the things that drew people here in the first place. We must transform our current worldview from a corporation driven and politically constrained paradigm to one that puts health, happiness, family and community as the primary focus.

“I believe Ian Campbell, descended from people who flourished in the lower mainland for thousands of years, brings a perspective that is desperately needed in cities throughout the world. Ian will provide the vision and guidance to protect this place for future generations.”

“I am deeply honoured to have David’s support,” said Campbell. “We have been good friends for many years and worked together on the protection of the lands and waters along the Salish Sea. David is an esteemed and recognized leader throughout the world on the many forces affecting our environment, and on the change needed to sustain our future generations - something that I take seriously in my life and work.”

Chief Ian Campbell, who grew up on both the Squamish and Musqueam communities on which Vancouver is situated on, has an MBA from SFU and served as the lead negotiator for the Squamish Nation.

Michael Roy


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