Cole Rheaume has over fifteen years of experience working with community based organizations and Indigenous groups facilitating dialogue and developing community programs, policies and initiatives through working collaboratively with boards, senior management and staff, community members, and various levels of governments. Cole’s more recent work has also focused on energy efficiency and clean energy promotions. Cole has been actively involved in politics all his life, and the Parks Board is a natural progression in his political activism.

Cole’s interest in parks and related amenities comes from his childhood, growing up with a single mother, living in small apartments, where community centres and parks were his playgrounds and “babysitters”. His understanding of Vancouver parks was reinvigorated when he worked for the Environment Youth Corp working in a number of the regional parks on habitat and ecological restoration projects. Cole understands and treasures the significant value of public places to the health and wellbeing of Vancouverites.

Cole’s interest and experience working with Indigenous groups will be helpful in working on the Park Board’s Indigenous reconciliation agenda.