Vision Vancouver Councillors Kerry Jang and Tony Tang are outlining the risk voters face with the NPA and Kirk LaPointe, whose budget priorities and voting record put city efforts to revitalize Chinatown at risk.

“Four days until voting begins, and the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe is still hiding his platform – which is a big risk for voters,” said Jang. “He’s made a number of reckless spending promises – on counterflow lanes, on pools – all of which will require money to come out of existing programs that our residents rely on.

“You only have to look at the NPA’s voting record to know where they will cut. They’ve opposed Vision’s efforts to invest in Chinatown, whether it is restoring heritage buildings, supporting local businesses or adding new housing for seniors.”

Despite repeatedly promising to release his policy in advance, Kirk LaPointe has still refused to release a platform, or explain how he would pay for his commitments. It is now four days before advance voting begins in the civic election.

During this past term, the NPA voted against funding several programs that invest in Chinatown, including building improvements, heritage restoration, and seniors housing.

These include voting against:

  • $350,000 for heritage façade rehabilitation
  • $145,906 for Chinatown public realm improvements
  • $68,246 for the Chinatown Active Storefront Program
  • $49,468 for a grants program for Chinatown buildings
  • $220,000 to SUCCESS for seniors housing in Chinatown

In total, the NPA voted against more than $800,000 in programs that support the revitalization of Chinatown.

“Kirk LaPointe does not live, work, or pay taxes in Vancouver, and he refuses to tell voters where he stands on key issues,” said Councillor Tang. “With Vision, we have a clear plan that we are taking to voters. We’re committed to keeping taxes low, supporting new housing for seniors, and investing in the revitalization of Chinatown.”

The programs the NPA voted against are included in this report:

The minutes of the council vote are available at:

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