2014 will be a pivotal year for Vancouver, with residents facing an important choice between keeping up our city’s momentum with Vision Vancouver or sliding backward with the NPA.

This spring, Vision Vancouver members will be choosing the positive, progressive, and diverse team who will serve as our candidates for Mayor, City Council, School Board, and Park Board in November’s local election.

The process gets underway at an exciting Vision Vancouver annual general meeting on Sunday May 4th, which will also feature a review vote for any incumbent candidates seeking re-election. Any member in good standing 30 days prior to the meeting will have the opportunity to participate and vote.

You should be part of it! Click here to join Vision Vancouver or renew your membership.

A final candidate selection meeting for remaining candidacy opportunities will be hosted in June, and your Vision Vancouver executive team is still consulting with members on how many candidates the party will nominate for each office.

Any incumbent office holder seeking to be a candidate for a different level of office will not take part in the review process, and must seek nomination as a candidate for that new office in the open process for new contestants.

Together, we’ll nominate a team of leaders who share Vancouver’s values and want to expand upon our progress to build more affordable housing, protect our environment, build the Broadway Subway, and create jobs in Vancouver’s growing economy.

We have accomplished a lot together in 5 years, but there’s so much more to do.

Be part of it. Join Vision Vancouver today!

Stefan Avlijas


cStreet Campaigns (@cstreet_ca) by day | feline enthusiast by night