Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson today announced his Affordability Agenda, promising to strengthen and expand on the work his party has started to support families across Vancouver.

“Whether it's building 4,000 new units of rental housing, opening more child care spaces, or providing free access for kids to our pools, our new commitments today are critical pieces of our continuing work to make life more affordable for all Vancouver families,” said Mayor Robertson.

Mayor Robertson was joined at his announcement by several other members of Vision Vancouver’s team, including Council Candidate Niki Sharma.

“As a new mother, I know how important it is to have access to services across the city. Our Affordability Agenda shows real leadership in providing families with options, and making Vancouver an even more family-friendly city. By coordinating between Council, and the School and Park Boards, we can really make a difference in the city,” said Sharma.


Mayor Robertson and Vision Vancouver’s Affordability Agenda includes:

  • Building 4,000 new rental housing units
  • Targeting a requirement for new housing developments to include a minimum of 35% family housing
  • Empowering the new Affordable Housing Agency to use city-owned land for new housing
  • Building 1,000 new child care spaces
  • “First course free” for children’s beginner swimming lessons

"Vision Vancouver is the only party committed to making our city more affordable with clearly defined priorities. With less than 40 days left in the election campaign, the NPA has no plan to help working families," said Vision Mayor Gregor Robertson. “With Vision, we are moving forward by ensuring that Vancouver families have access to more affordable housing, supportive and safe out-of-school child care, and recreation opportunities for their kids.”


“Voters need to be aware that these priorities are at risk with the NPA, a party that has voted against more than 900 units of rental housing,” concludes Sharma. “If we want to build a more affordable, inclusive city, we need a strong Vision team at Council, Park and School Board to make it happen.”

Vision's Affordability Agenda

Over the past six years, Vision Vancouver has delivered on a range of issues to make life more affordable and inclusive for people in Vancouver. These include:

  • More than 900 new child care spaces since 2008.
  • Launched the Vancouver Rent Bank, which provides short-term loans to low-income renters at risk of being evicted. In the first year, the Rent Bank supported 228 people - including 39 children - from becoming homeless.
  • Approved over 1,000 new units of rental housing in both 2012 and 2013 through Vision’s short-term incentives for rental and Rental 100 programs.
  • Created the first new co-op housing in nine years in Vancouver at the Olympic Village, to provide affordable housing options in our city’s newest neighbourhood.
  • Created over 1,000 new rental homes by introducing laneway housing, an opportunity for homeowners to develop small units on their lots, providing new housing opportunities in neighbourhoods across Vancouver.
  • Expanded options for the construction of secondary suites, making it easier for homeowners to add additional units in their homes.
  • Following a recommendation from the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability, the City updated its bylaws to allow co-housing; Vancouver’s first co-housing project was approved in the spring of 2013 for Knight Street and East 33rd.



The NPA record on affordability

  • Voted against more than 900 new units of rental housing in the past three years
  • Voted against more than 500 new units of social housing in the past three years
  • Opposed Vancouver’s new Affordable Housing Agency
  • Voted against Vancouver’s first co-housing project
  • Opposed expanding family housing requirements
  • Opposed identifying city-owned lands to use for affordable housing
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