Vision Vancouver is a membership-based municipal political party, created in 2005, with the goal of bringing people together, committed to electing a progressive majority to address the challenges of our city.

Vision Vancouver ran its first candidates for 2005, electing Heather Deal, George Chow, Raymond Louie and Tim Stevenson to city council, and proudly running Jim Green for mayor. 

Over the next decade, Vision Vancouver would go on to run full slates of candidates for City Council, School Board and Park Board, and achieve an unparalleled level of electoral success. For over a decade, Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team built a proud track record of courageous leadership on critical issues.

Throughout a decade of governing, Vision Vancouver brought in the Greenest City Action Plan, became Canada’s first City of Reconciliation, launched the first empty homes tax in North America and created 600 modular housing units. We made schools safer for LGBTQ2+ students, and led the provincial fight for better policy and funding for public education. And we expanded parks and access to recreation services throughout the City. 

We have a proud legacy to build on. We know that it takes a broad coalition of people with shared values to get things done in this city. We invite you to join us in helping to build, create and reimagine what our city - and Vision Vancouver - can be. 

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