Candidate FAQ

Individuals seeking endorsement by Vision Vancouver as Candidates for the 2022 Election Civic Cycle must:

  1. request and submit a complete application package, including references, fees, and other supporting documents, participate in an interview;
  2. meet the approval of the greenlight committee;
  3. and secure a majority of votes from Vision Vancouver members or be appointed by the Board of Directors.

To be eligible to become a candidate, a person must be an individual who is, or who will be on general voting day for the election:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • be a Canadian citizen;
  • the person must have been a resident of British Columbia, as determined in accordance with section 25, for at least 6 months immediately before the relevant time.

You may only seek Nomination to be a candidate for one board in an election cycle. This principle is consistent with the Local Government Act which states that “at any one time a person may not be nominated for more than one elected office in the same local government.”


The non-refundable amounts vary per position - $2,500 for Council, $1,250 for School Board, and $1,000 for Park Board.

Nominations fees can consist of donations to Vision Vancouver from you, as the Nomination Contestant and/or individual donors. All contributions must be from eligible contributors in accordance with Elections BC campaign financing rules.

The fee can be paid through a combination of fundraising and membership sign-ups totalling the fee amount. Each new member registered earns $10 towards your Nomination fee.

The Board may waive fees for equity-seeking candidates.

The Nomination Contestant Application provides all the details on what information you need to provide Vision Vancouver.

The advantages of running with Vision Vancouver are proven leadership, clear values, an established trust relationship with Vancouver voters. You will also benefit from being part of a team and access to shared resources. We know candidates with a party affiliation outperform candidates who run as independent candidates.

Candidates seeking election with Vision Vancouver receive experienced campaign support - including fundraising support, access to established supporters lists, high quality communications support, and campaign research. Vision Vancouver maintains excellent data and systems to support our campaigns and candidates.

The deadline for applying is March 25th, 2022.

We expect the application process to take up to four weeks, including background checking, interviews and the greenlight committee review. We will be hosting regular applicants/Nomination Contestant information sessions.

Talk to people in your community. Tell them why you are running and ask for their support. You can sign up members to support your campaign online. Once you have applied you will receive a unique link to share with your supporters, we encourage you to use your unique link to sign up members electronically and to ensure you get credit for your member sign-ups. More information is in the Nomination Membership Agreement.

Vision Vancouver is a “big tent’ municipal political party that brings together people from all neighbourhoods and communities, all backgrounds and affiliations to build a progressive city for today and for the future.

Building on over 15 years of history as a political party, we have maintained core values that keep us united. They include but are in no way limited to:

  1. Respect for and recognition of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples
  2. Foster an anti-racist city where equality and the needs of diverse communities are met
  3. Promote sustainable growth, employment opportunities and a robust economy with a vibrant business sector
  4. Ensure access to affordable housing for all Vancouverites, including middle-class, working and low-income residents
  5. Create a city government that is accountable and fiscally responsible
  6. Develop compassionate, new solutions to Vancouver’s social and economic challenges such as homelessness, gender-based violence, addiction, safety and economic security;
  7. Provide bold and just leadership on climate action
  8. Embrace and support arts and cultural activities to create a city that is creative and recognizes the critical impact of the arts
  9. Lift up working people of Vancouver by supporting public childcare, libraries, transit and social housing, a commitment to being a Living Wage city and by opposing contracting out and privatization.
  10. Zero tolerance for hatred, racism, ableism and discrimination, including standing against transphobia and all forms of inequity that affect our city

As a candidate seeking nomination with Vision Vancouver, we ask you to commit to upholding these values and policy positions.

Vision Vancouver’s platform will be built on our core values and input from our candidates and community of supporters. Our past platforms are available for you to review and will give you some insight into the things we stand for.

Vision Vancouver is led by our volunteer Board of Directors, which includes past candidates and accomplished community builders and is powered by many members and supporters. We are excited about building our Campaign team with you.

Individual Candidate spending limits are set out by Elections BC. When running with Vision Vancouver, as an Electoral Association, you are part of a team and there are benefits of raising money together and sharing costs.

Beyond campaign costs, you should also have a plan for covering your personal expenses while you are focussed on the campaign trail!

The date of the next Vancouver Civic Election is Saturday, October 15, 2022

Eligible voters will be asked to choose: 1 mayor and 10 City Councillors, 7 Park Board Commissioners, 9 Vancouver School Board trustees, and respond to 3 Capital Plan questions.

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