With just five days until Vancouver voters can start voting in the 2014 election, the NPA's Kirk LaPointe still refuses to release a platform or budget -- leaving five big questions he has yet to answer.

"Kirk LaPointe won't release a platform, and with just days until voters start casting ballots, Vancouverites should be asking: what is the NPA's Kirk LaPointe trying to hide?" said Vision Councillor Heather Deal. "His only commitments have been cuts: cancelling the City's rental housing programs, wiping out affordable housing targets in neighbourhood plans, and ending the Greenest City Plan. When Kirk LaPointe tries to talk about issues - like the Broadway Subway - he gets the basic facts wrong, like not knowing where it starts from.

"There is a big risk from electing an inexperienced candidate like Kirk LaPointe who makes rookie mistakes on the big issues."

Advance voting begins on Tuesday. With five days to go, here are five questions Kirk LaPointe should answer:


  1. Why do you refuse to release a platform, and tell voters where you stand?
  2. You could not provide costing for your promises on parking, counterflow lanes, or pools. What services will you cut to pay for them?
  3. More than half the city rents. Why do you want to cancel the City's rental housing programs?
  4. As a mayoral candidate, why do you want the School Board to let Chevron pay for classroom programs?
  5. Why have you missed your own platform deadline more than 10 times?


Many of these questions have been asked of Kirk LaPointe for months, but he refuses to answer them. "The NPA's Kirk LaPointe does not live, work, or pay taxes in Vancouver, and he refuses to release a platform of what he would do as Mayor," added Deal. "With five days until voters can begin casting ballots, Kirk LaPointe should be transparent about the cuts he is planning to make to the city services people in Vancouver rely on."

Stefan Avlijas


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