A blog post posted at midnight by the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe claiming he’s offered “25 policies” highlights the inexperience of a mayoral candidate who does not have a plan on the big issues, and raises more questions.

“With 18 days to go, all we’ve seen from the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe is vague, conflicting proposals, and complete silence on issues like the environment or affordability,” said Vision Councillor Heather Deal. “Combined with his lack of understanding of basic issues like where the Broadway Subway would start from, voters need to know about the risk of the NPA and Kirk LaPointe.”

Today is 18 days to the election. With that, here are five questions that voters deserve answers to – and which have been repeatedly ignored by the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe.

  1. Past NPA candidates for Mayor have released detailed platforms with budgets. Why won’t Kirk LaPointe provide a costed platform?
  2. Kirk LaPointe has made several costly spending commitments on taxes and parking. What services will he cut to pay for them?
  3. Kirk LaPointe does not live, work or pay taxes in Vancouver. Cuts to city services, including childcare, community services, and policing, won't directly affect him. Why should he be able to cut services that won't affect him?
  4. Kirk LaPointe did not know that the Broadway Subway started at VCC-Clark, and said he supports an “affordable subway.” Does he support cut-and-cover construction along Broadway?
  5. Kirk LaPointe wants to let Chevron fund classroom projects in public schools. Why won’t he advocate for public funding instead?
Stefan Avlijas


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