Former NPA President Michael Davis Endorses Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver Team



Former NPA President Michael Davis has endorsed Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver for the upcoming November 15 municipal election.

“The NPA has moved further and further to the right, a monochromatic party of angry people afraid of losing what they have,” said Davis, in an open letter to Vancouver residents. “It’s not so much that I left the NPA, as the NPA left me.”

Mayor Gregor Robertson welcomed the endorsement, commenting, “we are thrilled to have the support of Michael Davis and encourage other former NPA voters to take a look at our agenda and consider casting a vote for the progressive centre. It has become clear that the once progressive NPA has been co-opted by hard right-wing elements, and no longer represents the values of Vancouver residents.”


Risk of NPA, Kirk LaPointe highlighted in new ad

With ten days to the election, Vision Vancouver is releasing a new television ad today that highlights the risk of Kirk LaPointe and the NPA on affordable housing and transit.

“Kirk LaPointe does not live, work or pay taxes in Vancouver, but his policies will hurt the people who do,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Voters need to be aware of what is at stake in this election. The NPA has no plan on the Broadway Subway, and has voted against affordable housing and homelessness programs 25 times in three years.”

The ad can be viewed here.


NPA’s LaPointe still can’t explain $146m budget hole in platform



One day after the release of the NPA platform, Kirk LaPointe still hasn’t explained what services he’ll need to cut to pay for the $146 million hole his promises put in the City budget. These service cuts won’t affect him as he does not work, live, or pay taxes in Vancouver.

The risk of the NPA’s $146 million budget hole is highlighted with Kirk LaPointe’s refusal to answer basic questions about his policies on affordable housing and homelessness. A video of Kirk LaPointe walking away from a question on housing at his own press conference has been viewed more than 4,000 times on Facebook in 24 hours.

With the NPA’s platform released just 11 days before election day, voters still deserve answers on key questions:

  • What public services will Kirk LaPointe cut to pay for $146 million in NPA promises?
  • Why has Kirk LaPointe walked away from questions on both transit and affordable housing?
  • Why does the NPA platform make no mention of homelessness?
  • Why was Kirk LaPointe unable to provide any sources to back up his proposed budget?

Former COPE Councillor David Cadman endorses Mayor Robertson, Vision

Three-term COPE Councillor and former COPE Mayoral candidate David Cadman is endorsing Mayor Robertson and Vision in this election, and is highlighting the risk of Kirk LaPointe and the NPA to Vancouver’s housing, environmental, and social programs.

"I'm supporting Gregor because he has the right priorities on transit, on housing, and on the environment," said Cadman. "It's disturbing to see the backwards policies coming from Kirk LaPointe and the NPA. For the NPA to have a platform that says nothing on homelessness, nothing on child care, nothing on harm reduction - that is a big risk that voters need to be aware of.

“As a former COPE Councillor, I worked closely with Mayor Robertson and Vision Councillors on developing the Greenest City Action Plan, and the City’s Affordable Housing and Homelessness Plan. Kirk LaPointe and the NPA’s platform would wipe those out. Progressive voters need to stick together and make sure our city keeps moving forward.”


Release of NPA platform shows that LaPointe, NPA not worth the risk


“After months of dodging, the NPA finally releases a platform on the first day of voting, and voters now have a clear look at the backwards priorities of Kirk LaPointe,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “With Vision, we have been clear about our top priorities from day one because we care about the same things the people of Vancouver care about. If Kirk LaPointe really cared about our city, he would put forward a platform that helps our most vulnerable residents.

“Kirk LaPointe does not live, work or pay taxes in Vancouver, but his priorities will hurt the people who do,” added the Mayor. “The NPA platform does not include anything on homelessness, has zero commitments on affordable housing or child care, and still no plan on better transit – which puts the Broadway Subway at risk.


LaPointe’s promises require budget cuts, but he won’t be impacted

With the NPA set to finally release a platform this morning, voters should be asking what programs Kirk LaPointe will cut to pay for his promises – cuts that won’t impact him as he does not live, work or pay taxes in Vancouver.

Almost four months since he started campaigning, and after advance voting has already started, the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe has still not answered the following questions:

  • Why did he wait until after voting started to release a full platform?
  • What services will he cut to pay for his “counterflow” lanes?
  • What services will he cut to pay for other uncosted promises, including free wi-fi, a breakfast program, and new pools?
  • Will he cut $800,000 in funding for Chinatown revitalization programs – funding the NPA opposed this term - as part of paying for his promises?
  • Does his commitment to an “affordable subway” mean support for cut-and-cover construction along Broadway?

An analysis of NPA spending commitments shows that Kirk LaPointe’s promises add a total of $146 million in new spending. With 11 days to the election, voters should be asking what city programs Kirk LaPointe will cut to pay for them – cuts that won’t impact him as he does not live, work or pay taxes in Vancouver.

Read the full analysis of the NPA's budget promises. [PDF]


NPA campaign promises add up to $146 million hit to city budget


Vision Vancouver City Councillor and Chair of the City Finance and Services Committee Raymond Louie today provided a costing for Kirk LaPointe and the NPA’s campaign promises. Louie says not only is it clear that the NPA has the wrong priorities for Vancouver, but that the promises they have made would spell disaster for the city’s finances.

“It’s bad enough that Mr. LaPointe and the NPA have not told people where they stand on most of the issues,” said Louie. “But the financial implications of the reckless promises they have made show that a LaPointe-NPA administration would mean either massive cuts to services in Vancouver, or a massive tax hike.”


Vision releases new ad highlighting NPA, LaPointe’s commitment to big oil


With less than two weeks to election day, Vision Vancouver has released another radio ad, alerting voters to Kirk LaPointe and the NPA's commitment to big oil.

The new ad can be heard here:

“Voters don’t know a lot about the NPA and Kirk LaPointe’s policies. What is clear is LaPointe’s commitment to Kinder Morgan’s plan for 300 more oil tankers a year in our waters, and to Chevron's marketing to our kids," said Vision School Trustee Patti Bacchus. "That is a major risk to Vancouver and voters need to be aware of what's at stake."

"Kirk LaPointe does not live, work or pay taxes in Vancouver. He won’t commit to Vancouver, but he has no problem committing to big oil. He just doesn’t seem to understand Vancouver.”


NPA’s Kirk LaPointe hasn’t done his homework

Vancouver – With two weeks until election day and only four days until early voting, the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe has still refused to release a fully-costed platform – continuing to leave voters in the dark.

“It’s clear that the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe hasn’t done his homework – and now he’s cramming before the final exam,” said Vision Councillor Heather Deal. “Instead of offering specific, costed, and concrete commitments, LaPointe has promised only an endless series of studies – highlighting a lack of leadership and experience, and the risks of letting the NPA take Vancouver backwards. Only Vision Vancouver has the strong leadership and experience to keep Vancouver moving forward – including building the Broadway Subway and standing up against 340 more oil tankers in our local waters.”


NPA offers more tricks than treats

Vancouver – As Halloween draws near in Vancouver, Vision Vancouver is getting into the spirit of the occasion by highlighting the spooky risks of letting the NPA take Vancouver backward in this election.

“Kirk LaPointe’s refusal to release a fully-costed platform is leaving Vancouver spooked, and we can’t risk the spectre of letting the NPA drag Vancouver backward,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “The NPA’s confusion on transit would make the Broadway Subway a ghost train, and they seem to have incredibly spooky plans to cut crucial City services. Vancouver has been haunted by the NPA before, but only Vision Vancouver has a positive plan to keep moving Vancouver forward – and to keep zombie attacks steadily on the decline!”