Dr. Kerry Jang was first elected to Vancouver City Council in 2008 and is a Professor of Psychiatry at UBC. In 2006, Kerry was named “Academic of the Year” by BC Universities for his work developing a simple and effective homeless program for his local neighbourhood, and he has also been honoured with the Community Achievement Award from the Province of BC for his work strengthening communities across Vancouver. Kerry recently served on the Mental Health Commission of Canada as a committee member on the Mental Health and Law Advisory Committee to assist municipalities like Vancouver on issues like policing, corrections, and housing standards for the mentally ill and addicted.

Councillor Jang has been a strong advocate on City Council for developing new homeless shelters and building low-income housing. Over the past six years he spearheaded the development of the City’s first-ever mental health and addictions plan, a strategy for helping survival sex-trade workers, the use of modular affordable housing to help people who are homeless, and Vancouver’s first-ever comprehensive Healthy City Strategy. His academic experience in the field of mental health and addictions has helped ensure better coordination and collaboration for city programs that help vulnerable people.

Kerry and his wife Vicki live in Collingwood with their two children.