Public Art: Investing in a creative city

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Vision Vancouver

For kids, spending time in creative and stimulating environments is critical. It encourages creativity, experimentation and self-expression. And, it’s fun!

It’s not so different for a creative city. A community that invests in creativity builds its potential for innovation and opens doors to new ideas. That strengthens our economic engine, attracts visitors, and helps to build community. 

That’s why the Vision Vancouver-led City Council has been committed to a robust public art program for Vancouver, completing a number of signature projects over the past three years, many of which have become iconic new symbols of a modern and thriving Vancouver.


Ken Lum’s Monument for East Vancouver offers a statement about neighbourhood identity; The Birds by myfanwy macleod considers the impact of non-native species on the environment; and Aerodynamic Forms in Space by Rodney Graham, plays with the shapes of toy airplanes in a way that can appeal to both kids and engineers. 

On a smaller scale, Vision established the Celebrate Vancouver 125 Mural Program to celebrate the City’s birthday and bring colour and imagination to the streets. 

There’s more to do. Vision Vancouver is committed to continue supporting the spectrum of creativity, from arts and culture through to digital media industries. Re-electing Mayor Robertson and Vision majority on Council will allow us to move forward on continuing City funding for local artists and cultural groups. 

We’ll also move forward on plans to continue work already done to reduce red tape for artists’ spaces, and help develop new performance venues. And of course, to support public art - a visible reminder of a city that’s inventive, expressive and one of a kind.